Exclusive Workshop: Learn the art of blown glass in Murano

First let me say that this experience is not for everyone! glassblowing is an extremely physical craft, so if you are afraid of extreme heat or intense physical activity then I suggest you take the other experience we are offering. Theres no other experience on airbnb Venice like this one. Guaranteed! If you are ready for an intense experience that will live in your memories and heart forever than you are in the right place! Step 1 - intro to glassblowing A small 30 minutes lecture and tour about glassblowing in our factory. Step 2 - practical exercises with no glass hands on exercises to develop glassblowing’s basic movements and hand eye coordination. (15-45 minutes depending on number of people and on how fast you will learn) Step 3 - practical exercises with hot glass hands on exercises with hot glass to develop a good feeling with the moving 1000 C molten glass (15-45 minutes depending on number of people and on how fast you will learn) Step 4 - blow your own Murano glass artifact you will have time to either make a drinking cup/ornament or a small custom glass vase (time will depend on what you will decide to make and number of people) The piece will have to anneal overnight so you can pick it up the next day. We can also ship your piece to you anywhere in the world but it is not included in the cost of the experience.
See you in Murano!!!!!!!
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