• "Where passion burns, fire creates its art"

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How Boutike® Exclusive Design was born

Design Boutike® was born from the desire to promote and safeguard one of the most important artisan traditions of our country or the ancient art of Murano glass

About Us

"Where passion burns, fire creates its art"

100% Made in Italy

Each product that is present on our website is 100% Certified, 100% Handmade, 100% Made in Murano

Our Mission

Boutike® believe that the promotion of this excellence can not only guarantee the survival of small and medium-sized businesses of extraordinary value but that it can also make known to a world increasingly tending towards homologation the beauty and uniqueness of the authentic Made in Italy

Enjoy your luxury experience by learning the art of blown glass in Murano


PHENOMENAL!!! DO IT!!!! This is an incredible experience, everything about this being the most unique and perfect way to get involved in a centuries old tradition through a new and modern forum

Nethaniel - December 2019

Super special experience. Definitely not for everyone, you’re gonna get physical with all the glass blowing tools, and the furnaces are very hot- surprise surprise. But I had THE BEST time

Kana - November 2019

We took our class with Chiara who was FANTASTIC. She supported our desire to create something extra special. She was a great coach and helped us do our best in making our very first glass creation. I highly recommend this experience!!

Anthony - November 2019